Why Writing in Proper English Is Important?

Have you ever stopped at one of those along-the-interstate gas stations when you "have to go" so badly you are about to burst? If you luck out, the restrooms will be clean, well-stocked and odorless, or at least deodorized. If not, you may just hold your breath - and your temper - attempting to "get your business done" and make a quick escape. This unpleasant experience will be scarred upon your memory The only positive taken from visiting this supposed traveler's oasis is you can easily store this spot on the no-return list.

Website Traveler Experience Dictates Success

The world-wide-web is the global interstate where your website should be a traveler's oasis. When a visitor arrives at your site, their experience will ultimately have a great impact upon your success in a number of ways:
  •     A successful "call to action" is enacted (email capture, purchase, etc.)
  •     A visiting experience leads to returns (site gets bookmarked)
  •     Happy site visitors share their experience with others
  •     ...but, and it is a big BUT, if your message, content, marketing article, email sent or other types of communication and interactivity are not in naturally produced, easy-to-read English then your "rest stop" along the Internet highway will produce a less-than-pleasant experience. Yes, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.
Buying Words Cheaply Cheapens Content

Although it should not be tolerated, poor English grammar and word usage will create a less-than-pleasant experience if this low-quality level of content is employed. The impact arrives if the low-quality is absolutely apparent throughout the entire presentation, not just a typo or a misused word here and there. Yes, you should expect error-free grammar, but you also should expect content that is interesting and compellingly attractive since the optimum word is "attractive." The goal for using website content, article and email marketing is to "attract" visitors. Sure, there are many tricky SEO (search engine optimization) tricks that may get net surfers to your shores, but boring, poorly written content will compel these visitors to find another beach. If your content appears to be poorly written by someone without even an average grasp of the English language, it will cheapen your site, repel visitors with ease and send potential buyers of your goods and services elsewhere.

It's a Story

All content whether written in a book, magazine, newspaper or even an advertisement pasted on a bus stop bench must tell a story. The communication should be casual, for the most part, since 99.9 percent of the people 99.9 percent of the known websites are trying to attract do not read academic or technical phrasing. The typical Internet user is looking to solve something and turns to the Internet for that all-important solution that you are offering. The challenge is that you more than likely have at least a few competitors attempting to offer a similar solution. Do not create a greater challenge toward attracting - and keeping - website travelers at your "stop" by using cheaply and poorly written content that only tells your visitor you really do not know how to communicate with them.

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