My Fun PHP Moment

A few weeks back I was at this website called "", that was the website where I learned XHTML and CSS. After I had finalized CSS and XHTML I felt certain and equipped to begin the following step, learn PHP.

I thought it could be as straightforward as XHTML and CSS but I was wrong. It's a totally different thing! on the third or fourth part of the PHP exercise I was jumbled and disturbed. They revealed to me the "date" function which held various numbers and letters that I just didn't understand!. I tried to do it but it was just too hard!. I felt miserable because I couldn't do such an easy thing, it was only lesson 4, imagine how much I would struggle on higher lessons. I decided to take a break for a few days. About a week later, I decided to finish the PHP tutorials!, I couldn't let myself down, not again, I needed to complete this, I had too! I started to concentrate, I was prepared to study, I wasn't going to let anything distract me (this was the primary roadblock, I typically get distracted from things like games or videos from the tabs that are open. Sometimes when I'm studying something important, I look up something on Google to research it but when I'm on the website I find some other interesting stuff and when I check the clock... I see that I was there for hours!) So..I sat down on my seat, opened up Google chrome (the best browser) and then searched up "". I instantly went to the PHP exercises, I closed all my different tabs so I wouldn't get distracted, my only open tab was: "Lesson 4: Working with time and dates";

I perused all the content, I focused, I didn't avoid or skipped a word. A few moments later... everything was simple, nothing was distracting me. After I knew how to utilize the date functions, I utilized it to see what weekday I was born in, and it turns out I was born in a Sunday! I got excited, maybe a bit too much but come on! This was a thing I was struggling on! I asked my brother what date he was born in and he was born on a Friday! Ahh, it feels so good to complete something that you started, specially when it's something really important. You see, I want to become a WordPress developer and to do this I first need to learn all these languages. I'm off to my next adventure! I will write back if I ever finish all the lessons! Don't worry, it won't take too long! (hopefully)

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